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The Évora Olive Hotel is your home in Évora.

Located inside the walls of the city, the Évora Olive Hotel is the starting point for an unforgettable journey across this traditional city of the Alentejo.
Inspired by the theme of olive oil, all the rooms are thought to detail and reflects the identity of the Alentejo capital.

Évora Olive Hotel is the result of the "unique" segment of the Lux Hotels group and was born with the aim of providing
guests with a personalized service, a unique, intimate and peculiar environment.


A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986, Évora is in the heart of the Alentejo region. A gothic-style city, where it is easy to get drawn in by the local charm.
The legacy left behind by the Romans and the Moors is on prominent display in the picturesque squares and medieval cobbled streets. A true journey back in time under the same archways, where modern shops cross paths with the artisans who keep Évora's history timeless.
From gastronomic wonders to golden fields, it's easy to fall in love with the serenity of the Alentejo. 

An unhurried city, where the cante alentejano (folk songs) surprises you when you least expect it, and the warmth of the locals envelopes you in the magic of Évora. 
Points of Interest: Évora Cathedral, Roman Temple, Giraldo Square, Church of St. Francis (Chapel of Bones), Museum of Évora, Água de Prata Aqueduct, Megalithic Monuments.