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Mercearia Eborim

It is a space of sharing and comfort par excellence, where family and friends get together to celebrate a festive day or because each day is special to be with our own. There is no other place like the one that makes us feel at home. Next to the restaurant, you will find the “patio das oliveiras” or olive tree patio, an outdoor space that invites and favors slow living. Here we can also try the chef's dishes of contemporary orientation, never neglecting Alentejo products. Concern for seasonal products is a constant in the bi-annual menus, thus ensuring greater freshness and sustainability.

Contactos e reservas

Pequeno-almoço: 7h00 - 10h30 (segunda a sexta-feira) 07h30 - 11h00 (fim-de-semana e feriados)
Almoço: 12h30 - 15h30
Jantar: 19h00 - 22h00
Nos restantes horários vigora a Carta de Snacks.
Contacto: +351 266760050